US News Launches 2024 Top Graduate Schools Surveys | Morse code: Inside the college rankings

US News & World Report is pleased to announce that our own surveys for the 2024 Best Graduate Schools will be distributed to schools in phases starting today and continuing over the next few weeks.

The Best Graduate Schools 2024 survey distribution includes statistical and peer review surveys for:

  • Best law schools
  • Best medical schools
  • Best business schools
  • Best Engineering Schools
  • Best Nursing Schools
  • Best education schools

You can find specific information about upcoming surveys and methodology changes for the Best Medical Schools here.

Students and their families use US News as an essential resource in the college decision process. More than 20 million people have visited in the last 12 months alone to learn about graduate programs, and nearly 65,000 students and their families accessed US News to request information about specific graduate institutions and/or compare schools to each other.

By participating in US News surveys, schools provide prospective students with the most comprehensive criteria for their decision-making process, benefiting both the student and the institution. For the Best Graduate School 2024 ranking, the data collected in the survey will be supplemented with various data sources, including publicly available data. Survey completion is not a prerequisite for inclusion in some graduate school rankings, however survey data will be used to supplement school profiles to provide a more complete picture to prospective students.