BMW Video about a grandfather who was forced to give up driving, aging scares us

The fictional story features an elderly man who reluctantly surrenders his driver’s license and then test drives his son’s i4 on private property, recalling how he taught him to drive in an E30 range.


according to Chris Chilton

December 14, 2023 at 1:30 p.m

    BMW Video about a grandfather who was forced to give up driving, aging scares us

Forget about being shoved into a nursing home, the thing that worries me the most about getting really weak is the prospect of one day having to surrender my driver’s license. Personally, I plan to continue driving until I die, and I just hope the two don’t coincide, but some conscientious, law-abiding folk will voluntarily surrender their driver’s license when they realize they are no longer safe towards.

The finality of the act, the admission that you are no longer as capable as you once were, and the loss of freedom that ending the proceedings will mean must cause real emotional stress, and it is a subject that BMW he explores in an “emotional” video that’s now going viral across various social channels. It tells the fictional story of…okay, I know it sounds schmaltzy, and it is, but would you hang around if I told you there was an E30 3-Series in it?

I thought. Anyway, Joy forever (“Joy Forever”) tells the fictional story of a middle-aged man, Christopher, who takes his father, Robert, to the local licensing office to turn in his little ID card. Christopher tries to reassure his father that “it’s just a bit of plastic” when they, and we, know that it’s actually much more. The video then briefly switches to black and white to show us the old guy taking his son, then just a teenager, to the same office years ago to get his own license.

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Remembering the euphoria he felt that day, Christopher later asked Robert if he would like to i4 – on a private lot at their company’s offices – and we fly between shots of the current couple driving a new EV and their older selves kangarooing around the same parking lot in an E30 decades earlier.

The film ends with Robert’s previous frown upside down, which presumably became the E30 once Chris was freed up to explore the vintage. 3-rowA combination of semi trailed trailing arms and a pitifully long steering gear on German wet roads in the 1980s.