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Finally threads landed in Europe after a long wait caused by a regulatory issue. Although his greatest moment hype was left behind, now there is a lot of interest in the old continent to try out the new social network, which continues to try to establish itself by taking advantage of the disaster that became X (formerly Twitter) after the acquisition of Elon Musk.

Since Threads didn’t have a simultaneous global launch, it’s possible that if you were reading us from Spain and other parts of Europe, you weren’t only excited when it was released during July, but also when it started receiving new features months later. . After all, you couldn’t use it unless you resorted to methods like using a VPN.

But don’t worry, we are here to clear all your doubts and explain what can be done on this platform currently. Before we continue, let’s briefly explain what threads are and why they exist.

Threads is, simply put, Meta’s answer to X. When Elon Musk bought Twitter and began to do as he pleased, damaging the experience of millions of users, those led by Mark Zuckerberg saw a unique opportunity to introduce a competitor.

Meta also relied on the popularity of its most popular social network, Instagram. The intention was to make it easy to sign up for Threads and of course to take advantage of the user base in the hundreds of millions.

On July 5, Threads officially launched, sending much of the internet into a collective frenzy. Everyone wanted to try the social network that promised to end the reign of Twitter. In less than a week, it already had more than 100 million users, so he broke the record which formerly belonged to ChatGPT. At the same time, Twitter suffered an exponential loss of users.

However, the inflammation did not last long. The reality is that since Threads lacked key features at launch, many quickly jumped ship. Even so, Meta promised to keep rolling out improvements, and they delivered.

What can you do in threads today?

Threads is a microblogging app connected to Instagram

Currently, Threads has many more features than what was available at launch. It looks more and more like the X, and European users will notice that immediately. Being a social network microbloggingyou will have the following list of features:

  • Text posts with a 500 character limit.
  • Add multimedia content to posts like images, GIFs, and videos. Of course, you can also share them without having to insert text.
  • Add links to other websites.
  • Add hashtags: Although, unlike Twitter, you don’t have to type “#”. Simply press the button with the same symbol and mark your message with the desired text.
  • Add surveys: It’s as easy as selecting the options you want and waiting for others to start voting.
  • List other users: To include other users in your posts, write “@” followed by their username.
  • Edit posts: Were you wrong or do you regret what you just shared? Don’t worry, Meta has listened to users and you can edit them within 5 minutes of posting.
  • But As: Nowadays, it is almost impossible to imagine a social network without this basic interaction. If you like the post, just press the heart.
  • Comment: If you want to leave a comment, either to express a simple opinion or to start a more elaborate conversation with another user, just press their icon next to the post. They also have a 500 character limit.
  • Create Threads: Sometimes 500 characters is not enough. For this there are threads, sequences of publications that are interconnected.
  • Share within threads: If you liked the post and think it’s worth sharing with your followers, click the arrow icon and then hit “Resubmit”.
  • Quote: The same function above offers a second option, “Quote”. It is also used to share posts from others but add a comment enriching the content.
  • Share outside threads: The possibility of sharing Threads publications via other social networks or messaging services could not be missing. Just press the flying paper icon and select the desired destination. You can also get a direct link to your publication.
  • Follow other users: If you don’t want to miss the posts of certain users, go to their profile and press “Follow”. You can also do it from feed by pressing “+” and then “Next”.
  • Mute: It may happen that, despite not following the user, his publication appears to us in feed because of the design algorithm. If you want to stop seeing them, go to their profile, press the three-dot button, then “Mute”.
  • Limit: By activating this feature on a specific account, their comments on your posts will be hidden.
  • Block: If someone is bothering you or you don’t want to know about their existence, you can block them.
  • Message: There will be a classic toxic user who is constantly watching you. In addition to blocking, you can issue a report. Threads will review the case and sanction you if you violate any code of conduct. This also applies to people who post unauthorized content.

oh No feature in threads, not even editing, is exclusive to the paid plan. Unlike X, Meta is not yet considering subscriptions to get more incomeā€¦

How do I install threads?


Threads is available as a standalone mobile app. you can free download both v iOS as in Android. It will be necessary after installation log in with your Instagram account.

Even though the two profiles are linked, your Instagram followers may not know your Threads profile and vice versa. They can work independently without any problems.

Are you on your computer and don’t want to be distracted by your mobile phone? You should know Threads also has a version desktop website. When the platform launched, this option was quite limited, but now you have almost all the features of the mobile app.

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