New Florida Toll Road Will Charge EVs As They Drive
Florida’s new toll road will charge electric cars as they drive

A section of State Highway 516 will be electrified to allow a fleet of test cars to charge, but the facility could be extended to all electric vehicles


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December 16, 2023 at 11:19 am

    Florida's new toll road will charge electric cars as they drive

EV charging concerns on longer journeys is one of the reasons many drivers don’t switch to electric. Charging an EV still takes longer than refueling an ICE, and there isn’t always a charging point available (or functional) when you need it. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could charge while driving?

EV drivers in Central Florida just one step closer to making that sci-fi dream a reality, as the state has just given approval for a new toll road that will include an electrified section capable of charging electric cars. To be called State Road 516, it connects the east-west junction of Highway 27 in Lake County and State Road 429 in Orange County.

The new road is a joint project between the Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX) and ASPIRE, the full name of which is really long and not that important – the main thing you need to know is that they bring the induction ENRX charging tech The system works similar to the one you use in your electric toothbrush or wireless phone charger in your car, sending power from pre-assembled ground coils of the winding on the road surface to a receiving pad under the vehicle.

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ENRX has already taken part in several tests in Europe going back 25 years, delivering 180kW of juice to electric cars where the road automatically detects movement above it. The firm claims the device is capable of charging electric cars, vans, trucks and buses and will have no negative impact on non-electrified vehicles.

That sounds promising, but before we get too excited, it’s worth noting that only one mile (1.6 km) of the planned 5-mile (8 km) expressway will be electrifiedand that initially it will only be able to charge a small fleet of test vehicles. But eventually, CFX hopes to offer charging service to all EV drivers. It won’t be America’s first inductive charging road, though. That honor goes to the quarter-mile (400 m) stretch in Detroit that opened last month.

Even as the $524 million toll road cuts through green land, it provides nature with a wildlife underpass and trails for runners and walkers. But it’s also hoped the road will have a huge economic benefit from connecting two of Florida’s fastest-growing regions.

    Florida's new toll road will charge electric cars as they drive

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