A hot pursuit by state troopers ends with his own Dodge Charger bursting into flames

After the truck was pushed into the ditch, the Dodge Charger also got stuck and caught fire shortly after

December 16, 2023 at 9:18 p.m

When people run away from POLICE they risk all sorts of damage to life and limb. In the case of one pickup truck driver, he was finding out what it was like to be rolled into a ditch. He then watched as the police car that hit him caught fire and burned to a crisp with his truck just inches away.

The chase took place in southwest Little Rock, Arkansas on November 29. As innocent as it starts, it’s hard to believe how fiery it will become. A single Saline County officer attempts to stop the pickup truck tratck that he then decides to run away. An Arkansas State Police trooper joins the chase almost immediately.

As the ASP officer takes over the pursuit, he closes the gap between himself and the truck and then proceeds with the PIT maneuver. He initially pushes the truck into a ditch on the right side of the road. When the truck is not disabled and tries to continue, the soldier continues his attack and pushes him into the left ditch, causing the truck to roll onto the passenger side.

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Officers get out of both pursuit vehicles and begin giving orders to the driver and passenger to exit the vehicle. As they focus on the two suspects, they are unable to see the ASP vehicle on the other side of the overturned pickup truck.

At 3:22 a.m videoflames begin to shoot from behind the driver’s side front wheel. It’s almost two full minutes before the cops realize what’s going on, and by then the Dodge Charger paid for by the tax dollars is full of smoke. While one of the officers attempts to clear the two suspects from the truck, the other begins to retrieve equipment from the trunk of the burning car.

Finally, three minutes after the fire broke out, a policeman uses a fire extinguisher on the fire. Of course, having one fire extinguisher to put out a fire that lasts several minutes under a hot car is not optimal. In this case, it turns out to be quite a bit, and not long after the entire car is fully engulfed in fire. According to the video description, no one was seriously injured.

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