NYC Seizes 44 Cars For Skipping $1 Million In Tolls, One Range Rover Owed $52,000 In Fees!
NYC impounds 44 cars for skipping $1 million in tolls, one Range Rover owed $52,000 in tolls!

Range Rover driver racked up over $52,000 in unpaid tolls and fees

December 16, 2023 at 6:52 p.m

    NYC impounds 44 cars for skipping $1 million in tolls, one Range Rover owed $52,000 in tolls!

For the past three days, drivers crossing New York’s Verrazano-Narrows Bridge have been under heavy scrutiny. Authorities ended up stopping and impounding 44 different vehicles that were registered as “persistent toll violators”. Combining all of these cars together, they represent nearly $1 million in unpaid tolls and violation fees.

Tolls are a major part of life in New York. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is always on the lookout for violators who don’t pay their fair share. According to the MTA, it has impounded about 2,705 vehicles this year and also cited 2,933 for covered or obscured license plates. Repeat toll violators may have their registration suspended and eventually confiscated.

Between December 12 and December 15, she conducted a sting operation on the bridge and intercepted the aforementioned 44 vehicles. One driver a Range Rover The SUV owed over $52,000 in tolls and fees. As we’ve pointed out before, drivers in this area are using all means to cover up their tags to avoid charges.

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“Our message is simple. If you cover up your license plate or use fake tags, you will pay the price. If you are a repeat offender, your car will be impounded and you can be arrested,” said MTA Chairman and CEO Janno Lieber. “It’s about basic justice. It is not right for drivers in Mercedes and Porsches to come onto our bridges and tunnels and miss out on thousands of dollars in tolls. They’re taking the public’s money, and New Yorkers aren’t going to put up with that.”

This isn’t the first time the MTA has conducted a sting on the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge this year. Earlier this year, she had another single day there, on January 11, and caught 21 persistent toll violators. In that case, one driver and Mazda CX-5 he owed some $57,000 worth of unpaid tolls from 2021. Additional charges will also be added in the future. Congestion charges of up to $23 per car could be introduced in 2024.

Image Credit MTA

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