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In the rapidly evolving world of technology, HP Inc (NYSE:). is a significant entity in the IT hardware and communication equipment sector. The company’s strategic focus on the PC and printing markets places it among the leading players fighting for market share in a competitive environment. Given the divergent views of analysts, the trajectory of HP Inc. under scrutiny as market participants consider the potential impact of market trends and company initiatives on its performance.

Company overview

HP Inc. headquartered in Palo Alto, California, is a leading provider of the personal computer and printing industry. The company’s product offering includes a wide range of computers, gaming systems, peripherals and printers. HP Inc. it is also known for its subscription-based models in the print segment, which aim to navigate the way to sustainable revenue streams.

Market performance and competitive environment

The company’s stock has fluctuated in line with its market capitalization, which as of November 20, 2023 was approximately $27.66 billion. HP Inc. it competes with giants such as Dell (NYSE: ), Lenovo and Apple (NASDAQ: ) in the PC market, while in the printer segment its competitors include Canon and Epson. The intensity of competition is palpable and HP Inc. takes strategic steps to secure its position and growth.

Strategic direction and innovation

Analysts highlighted the efforts of HP Inc. on the integration of artificial intelligence into computers as a potential driver of revenue growth, with the expectation that the integration of artificial intelligence could lead to an increase in average selling prices. The company is also focusing on structural improvements in the print segment, moving to subscription and direct profit models, which are expected to drive operating profit growth.

Financial outlook and analysts’ projections

The consensus among analysts is that HP Inc. is expected to by 2024 will see a return to growth in the PC market, with replacement cycles and the end of support for Microsoft (NASDAQ: ) Windows 10 in October 2025 acting as catalysts. Despite this, there are concerns about the printing segment, where the company faces challenges from generic competitors and slow growth in new markets such as 3D printing.

The company’s financial results were strong, with sales and profits rising after the separation from Hewlett Packard Enterprise (NYSE: ). HP Inc. over time it has increased its market share and gained recognition for its innovative product development.

Analyst ratings and price targets

HP Inc. Ratings and Price Targets varied, with some firms maintaining a cautious stance due to expected weakening of the PC and print end markets in the first half of 2024. Recent Buy rating updates from other firms, including Morgan Stanley & Co. LLC upgraded from Equal-weight to Overweight and raised their target price from $31.00 to $35.00 on Dec 12, 2023, reflecting a more optimistic view based on an improving PC ecosystem, lower costs and attractive valuations. The upgrade from Morgan Stanley was driven by confidence in HP’s ability to benefit from improving market conditions and its undervalued cycles with strong operating efficiency. Analysts’ price targets range from $23 to $35, reflecting a mixed outlook for the company’s future performance.

Bear case

They will lead the market challenges of HP Inc. to underperformance?

Analysts expressed concern about continued weakness in the PC and printing end markets, which are expected to continue to weigh on HP Inc.’s performance. at least in the first half of 2024. The company’s underweight rating by some analysts is predestined for these market challenges. , suggesting that there may be more downside potential compared to other stocks in the sector.

Could competitive pressures in the printing sector hinder HP Inc.’s growth?

The printing industry represents for HP Inc. it owns a number of challenges with competitive intensity and inventory issues causing problems. Analysts worry that the company’s growth expectations for printing hardware may be overly optimistic, and operating margins in the segment are already at the upper end of the new guidance range, which could make it difficult to achieve consistent profit growth.

Bull Case

How could integrating artificial intelligence and improving the PC market boost HP Inc.’s revenue?

Analysts are optimistic about the recovery of the PC market, with the integration of AI expected to be a catalyst for revenue growth. Focus of HP Inc. on artificial intelligence could lead to an increase in average selling prices and create a conservative long-term guide for the personal systems segment. Additionally, market share gains and positive supply chain comments indicate an improving PC demand environment.

What are the cost reduction prospects for HP Inc. and shareholder returns?

Significant cost reductions are expected to support the recovery of HP Inc.’s margins and profits. Analysts also expect higher free cash flow generation, which could lead to increased share buybacks and better shareholder returns. The company’s modest valuation and prospects for higher free cash flow generation are considered bullish indicators.

SWOT analysis


– Strong brand presence and diversified product portfolio.

– Innovative product development and market share growth.

– Strong financial execution with revenue and profit growth.


– Key markets are expected to continue to weaken in the first half of 2024.

– Challenges in printing business due to generic competitors.

– Competitive PC market with potential for continued weak demand.


– Integrating AI into computers could lead to an increase in average selling prices.

– Potential growth of the PC market with upcoming refresh cycles.

– Structural improvements in the printing segment could support operating profit growth.


– Risks of major shareholders potentially selling their stake.

– Possible margin pressure due to worsening macroeconomic conditions.

– Intense competition in the PC and Print sector.

Objectives of analysts

– Barclays Capital Inc.: Underweight with $23.00 price target (November 21, 2023).

– Citi Research: Buy rating with $33.00 price target (November 13, 2023).

– Morgan Stanley & Co. LLC: Overweight rating with $35.00 price target (Dec 12, 2023).

The analysis runs from October to December 2023.

InvestingPro statistics

As investors navigate the complex landscape of HP Inc.’s market performance, real-time data and expert insights can provide a clearer picture of the company’s financial health and investment potential. According to InvestingPro data, HP Inc. boasts a market capitalization of $30.07 billion, reflecting its significant presence in the technology sector. The company’s P/E ratio is at an attractive 9.25, with an adjusted P/E ratio for the trailing twelve months from Q4 2023 at an even more attractive 7.73. This valuation metric suggests that HP Inc. it is potentially undervalued relative to its earnings, which could attract the attention of value investors.

Despite a challenging environment for revenue growth, with a change of -14.71% over the last twelve months from 2023Q4, HP Inc. maintained a robust gross profit margin of 21.42%. This underscores the company’s ability to effectively manage costs and maintain profitability in a competitive industry. Furthermore, the company’s dividend yield to the end of 2023 is a compelling 3.58%, which is particularly noteworthy given that HP Inc. has raised its dividend for seven consecutive years, according to InvestingPro Tips.

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