Hosted Network strengthens Australia’s cyber security with Sophos partnership

Cyber ​​security is a growing concern for Australian businesses, and a newly announced partnership is set to address the issue. Australian cloud and telecommunications provider Hosted Network has taken a major step by becoming an official Sophos MSP (Managed Service Provider) distributor. The move consolidates enterprise cybersecurity sourcing and simplifies operations, resulting in easier access to all Sophos MSP Flex monthly subscriptions via a hosted network.

The announcement is an extension of the existing relationship between Sophos and Hosted Network. The two initially collaborated on a SecureNetwork firewall solution based on Sophos Firewall. As part of this latest development, Sophos MSP Flex is integrated with the Hosted Network rebilling platform, simplifying reconciliation and ensuring accurate billing for customer usage across the Sophos MSP portfolio.

This partnership provides a comprehensive security solution for SMEs and their clients. The combination of Sophos technologies and Hosted Network expertise aims to provide a robust security service.

Ben Town, CEO of Hosted Network, explained the company’s decision to switch to a fully managed service provider (MSP) distributor and highlighted the trust they have in their community. This move includes leveraging Sophos for various turnkey solutions, including SecureNetwork. Town said the rapid transition to an MSP distributor model is a direct response to customer feedback, highlighting the clear benefit for customers in accessing all of their cybersecurity needs as a service in one centralized form.

Ben Town said: “We believe in our community and have made the strategic choice to use Sophos for many of our turnkey solutions, such as SecureNetwork. The rapid transition to a full MSP distributor is a direct response to feedback from customers who have access to all their cyber security needs in one place is a clear advantage for them.”

Cameron Reid, Asia Pacific and Japan SME Manager at Sophos, acknowledged the rapid evolution of threats in today’s digital landscape, making it challenging for businesses to keep pace independently. He expressed optimism, saying businesses don’t have to face this challenge alone.

In addition, Reid highlighted a new hosted network collaboration that enables more Australian managed service providers (MSPs) to use Sophos MSP Flex. The aim is to enable these SMEs to defend their customers against the ever-evolving and complex nature of digital threats.

Cameron Reid said: “With the threat landscape moving so quickly, it’s impossible for businesses to keep up on their own, and the good news is they don’t have to. This new arrangement with Hosted Network means more Australian SMEs can take advantage Sophos MSP Flex to protect its customers from ever-evolving threats.”

This partnership enables Australian businesses to increase the availability and ease of use of Sophos’ cyber security solutions. The move positions the hosted network as a significant contributor to the cyber security space and is expected to protect more businesses from evolving digital threats. Sophos MSP Flex is now easily accessible via a hosted network, marking a new era in cyber security in Australia.