Why you should hire an eSIM when you travel abroad

When facing a road trip, almost as important as having your passport or health card ready is having your mobile data speed ready so it doesn’t become a nightmare after your trip.

Although roaming has disappeared in many countries, for example in Europe, there are still many destinations where it is necessary to have a data plan that allows you to use your mobile device normally. Of course, there are always free alternatives, such as using WiFi in public places, although this is not very convenient and much less secure.

The reality is that cell phones have become an essential device for virtually everyone. When we are away, we use it to follow the routes on the map, stay in touch with social networks or consult any information related to our destination on the road. And of course call on the phone.

Why should you choose eSIM?

We already mentioned the first reason at the beginning: the price. Thanks to the eSIM, we can negotiate a local rate in the country we are going to. Fixed price and no surprises. Plus, if you travel to the same destination often, for work or pleasure, you can also contract an annual plan that makes it even cheaper.

For idea, rates in Zadarma In countries such as the United Kingdom or Switzerland, they range from four euros per gigabyte where roaming with a foreign SIM card is very expensive.

The second reason is the comfort of use. You don’t even have to go to a brick-and-mortar store when you reach your destination or something like that. You will receive the necessary information on your e-mail and QR code to activate it. You also won’t have to open the phone or replace the local card. Simpler, impossible.

The third reason is security because you will be using 100% private data and information. Unlike public networks where hackers often steal information, with eSIM your browsing is private.

If you have any doubts whether your device is compatible or not, you can go to the Zadarma website where a list of phones and tablets will appear that support eSIM.

What countries can I travel to?

The short answer is: everyone, although there may be lost places where not, but generally you won’t have a problem. Another aspect to keep in mind is that it does not matter which country of origin you are traveling from.. It offers free international services for everyone in the world.

Also on the same site you can see all countries and continents in which Zadarma offers an eSIM plan. Europe, America, Oceania, Asia, or Africa, or whatever; each.

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Why choose Zadarma eSIM?

The most important aspect is the trust that comes from all the experience that Zadarma has in the world of telecommunications. eSIM from Zadarma enables Internet connection in more than 150 countries of the worldusing prices similar to local suppliers.

But the best part is that Zadarma has not only specialized in this service but also It also has other very useful servicesfor both individuals and companies such as virtual numbers, virtual switchboard for your business or the ability to call cheaply around the world, without limits.

At this point, we imagine you’re already convinced to rent an eSIM for the trip you’ve been planning for a while. It is something that will never go away and in most cases it will be very positive to enjoy the trip to the fullest and without worries.

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