Apple’s new Bespoke CarPlay demo on Porsche and Aston Martin

Apple CarPlay will not only take over your touchscreen, it will soon take over the instrument cluster and all the other screens in your vehicle.

December 20, 2023 at 6:33 p.m

    Apple's new Bespoke CarPlay demo on Porsche and Aston Martin

Already in 2022, Apple announced that the next generation of CarPlay will learn a new trick. Not only will it be able to control your touch screen, but it will be able to take over all the screens in your vehicle. Now he’s showing off what his custom designs will look like, with a little help from a few high-end sports car manufacturers.

Apple has shared renderings of what the system will look like Aston Martin and Porsche to show how different they can be. In the English car, for example, it takes over the infotainment screen (as you’d expect) as well as the dashboard, with sleek silver gauges with racing green outlines that frame the album cover of the media being listened to. on.

In the meantime, the end at Porsche, the system controls the center touchscreen, the instrument cluster and the passenger screen. All feature the houndstooth (or Pepita) pattern long associated with the brand, and the instrument panel features a central dial with a speedometer on the left and a timer on the right.

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    Apple's new Bespoke CarPlay demo on Porsche and Aston Martin
Credit: Apple

While the designs are far from groundbreaking, they hinge on some interesting technology. At its Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple promised that the new CarPlay will be able to take data directly from the vehicle to operate things like the speedometer, battery meter, gas gauge and more.

The goal is seamless integration iPhone experience into the vehicle and allow drivers to access all their apps, contacts and other details through their vehicle’s infotainment system and also offers drivers plenty of customization options. The technology company it says that information from your car will not be stored on your phone and that the connection will be made in a “privacy friendly” manner.

In fact in the latest CayenneCarPlay users can already control “basic functions” such as the audio system, climate control and ambient lighting. Apple has combined them into “wellness modes” with names like Relax, Warm Up and Refresh. It also means that Siri can be used to control various functions using voice control.

Unfortunately, it is not yet clear when this fully integrated CarPlay will be introduced in Porsche vehicles. However, Car and driver reports that Aston Martin has promised that its upcoming infotainment system, due in 2024, will be compatible with it.

    Apple's new Bespoke CarPlay demo on Porsche and Aston Martin