Cars that will not be able to enter Madrid from January 2024

Starting January 1stMadrid’s Low Emission Zone (ZBE) will undergo changes to its regulations which will mean that some cars that have previously been able to drive around the municipality will not be able to. This applies primarily to vehicles without an environmental label.

Until now, those vehicles that did not have a environmental label were banned “access and movement on urban public roads within the M-30 and the M-30 itself”. This allowed drivers of vehicles without a low emission plate to move in areas such as Carabanchel, Puente de Vallecas, Hortaleza, Barajas and the rest of the districts that are outside the M-30.

On January 1, 2024, however passenger cars “with environmental classification A categories according to the criteria of use 00 (unspecified), 02 (family) and 33 (off-road)”, as stated by the Madrid City Council, They will not be able to move “on all urban public roads in the municipality of Madrid”. In other words, they will not be able to do this in any of the 21 districts of the capital.


This ban does It does not affect cars that are registered in the city of Madrid and appear as registered in the Tax Register for Mechanically Traction Vehicles (IVTM) of the Madrid City Council. Certain vehicles will also be exempt from this measure. They are the following.

  • Cars intended for transportation people holding parking card for people with reduced mobility who have registered in the ZBE Madrid access control system and have shown the appropriate parking card.
  • Vehicles A which are not passenger cars such as trucks, vans, motorcycles or mopeds.
  • Vehicles categorized as historic.

This measure is of course part of the implementation calendar that Madrid City Council has put in place to reduce the number of vehicles that pass through the city in order to reduce the impact on the environment. In 2025In fact, some exceptions will be removed. Passenger cars based in the city and registered in the Madrid City Council’s IVTM register will not be able to drive in Madrid. Not even those A vehicles like vans, trucks or mopeds.

What will be the fine for driving in Madrid with A cars?

interior of a car with a driver

At the moment, Madrid City Council is putting up signs warning of the new ban. In addition, it already has its camera system activated to detect vehicles that should not be driving in Madrid. In any case and at least until next January 14drivers who do not comply will only receive a warning, but will not be penalized.

From January 14, however, those cars that drive around the city will be fined with a penalty of up to 200 euros.

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