Intel isn’t giving up on GPUs just yet

Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

Intel hasn’t said much about it graphics cards recently. We saw the launch A770 and A750 arc at the end of last year and A580 just a few months ago, but following the departure of Raj Koduri from Intel’s graphics division earlier this year, the future of the Intel Arc has been a bit of a mixed bag. However, it now appears that Intel is still planning to deliver on its roadmap.

Image shared with Japanese game outlet 4 Gamers shows that Intel plans to launch next-gen GPUs in 2024. This matches Intel’s original roadmap, which promised that gamers would see next-gen Battlemage GPUs sometime in early 2024.

A snapshot showing Intel's GPU roadmap.
4Gamer / Intel

As for when in 2024 we’ll see these GPUs, it’s not clear right now. RedGamingTech (over VideoCardz) shared a leaked internal image from Intel showing the flagship Battlemage GPU arriving between April and June 2024. The image also shows an “early launch” period in the first few months of the year, suggesting that Intel may go with a gradual rollout of its next-generation GPUs.

We may hear more about the cards at CES 2024 in January. Intel has already confirmed that it will hold a keynote on January 9 called “AI Everywhere”. Intel just launched theirs Core Ultra CPU for notebooks on Dec. 14, so it’s unclear what new announcements the company has in store at CES. If the Battlemage does indeed arrive in the early months of 2024, we expect it to receive approval during the keynote.

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However, Intel probably won’t make big claims about Battlemage. Its first generation Arc GPUs had a notorious release cycle with several delays and rumors of cancellations. Even at launch, the Arc GPUs exhibited several driver issues. The graphics division seems to be working on GPUs and drivers head on, just like us have seen massive improvement in Arc performance since release.

For almost a year now, RedGamingTech has claimed that the flagship Battlemage card will offer performance that could compete with Nvidia. RTX 4080. That seems optimistic from what we’ve seen of the first-generation Arc GPUs, but there’s still plenty to be excited about in Intel’s follow-up.

The first is an AI-driven texture compression technique that Intel detailed during the recent Siggraph 2023. The paper presented by Intel shows both a compression tool that keeps VRAM throttling low in complex scenes and an efficient route tracing algorithm that aims to enable complex rendering techniques on lower GPUs.

Intel introduced another article during Siggraph Asia 2023 shows a DLSS 3 a rival that generates new frames during the game. Unlike similar frame generation methods, Intel proposed frame extrapolation instead of frame interpolation. This predicts future images rather than generating images from the past, presumably solving the latency problem we saw with DLSS 3.

It shouldn’t be long before we hear about what Intel has in store for Battlemage. Intel may not be shouting its graphics cards from the rooftops, but all the signs we’ve seen so far suggest that Intel hasn’t given up on the Arc just yet.

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