It is the first 100% Russian electric car

Amber. That was the name of the first Russian electric car. Designed, engineered and launched by the Moscow Polytechnic University, Amber is the first prototype of 100% Russian design and manufacture. It stands out not only with its design, but also with its engine, inverter, control systems and batteries, according to its creators They are 100% of Russian origin.

Although what is presented appears to be a prototype that does not yet have a full battery installed. And inside Reddit They point to components that are actually of Chinese origin. The benefits themselves are unknown. And aside from the meme it’s become in recent hours, the idea of ​​mass production is pretty fun, but unlikely to happen.

The car was initially claimed to be mass-produced at the Avtotor factory in Kaliningrad, known for producing BMW, Ford, KIA and Hyundai cars, until Western sanctions over the Ukraine war began to complicate the situation. But It’s nothing that has been confirmed. Whatever happens in the end, here’s Amber in all her glory:

Amber is actually a “platform” according to its creators.

The purpose of this prototype seems to be to quickly and easily test new developments. In this sense, the design is obviously quite functional, with little regard for whether the outside world will like it. Additionally, the registration also states the intended use: “Testing”.

And no, it didn’t seem to like it much. It became a meme so quickly that Moscow University felt compelled to publish an explanation of the car’s purpose. The researchers posted a statement on Telegram.

“The red car has nothing to do with the external appearance of the Avtotor electric car, which is currently being worked on. The circulating photos show a universal support unit developed by specialists from the Moscow Polytechnic, with which you can conduct tests.” operation of all systems of the future vehicle. It allows you to install any drive unit and test the assembled system in a single moving unit. With this support, the systems of future wheeled vehicles can be tested under real operating conditions.”

Statement by its creators on Telegram.

However, memes are already unstoppable:

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