‘Reacher’ Season Two Review: More Brutal and Violent

The the second season of handrail from Prime Video, brings back the title character played by Alan Ritchson. But little remains of the nameless – and tormented – nomad from the previous installment. On this occasion, the plot wants to show how much its main character can do. An intelligent decision, for a character full of secrets, a troubled past and, above all, skills of all styles. A point that was barely hinted at before is now central to the script.

In fact, the new chapters of one of the most popular productions on the platform are aimed directly at demonstrating just how capable it is. handrail. So he shows how he shoots, investigates thoroughly and also shows off all his knowledge of the military and political terrain. Often all at once. What makes the sequel to the successful first part, being much funnier, better constructed and told than the previous one. This without losing the 1980s action movie vibe that once defined it.


Second season handrail, is much more violent and ambitious than the first, but keeps the thread of its plot to a simple premise. A bad-tempered hero who will do anything to get justice. With sobering action scenes, charismatic cast and chemistry, it is the best option in today’s TV action genre.

Score: 4 out of 5.

Reacher ceases to be a hermit by choice as he is forced to face often powerful enemies. The other, old acquaintances who know he is an unstoppable force. Season based bad luck and trouble The latest novel in the saga, it is the best written of all. Which is reflected in the development of the story. In the middle of a chance meeting with Frances Neagley (Maria Sten), a companion from the regiment, must investigate who is behind a series of murders. Each one relates to the titular character’s past and the military force he was a part of.

A hero willing to do anything for the truth

One of the highlights of the production is the simplicity of the narrative of its conflict. A feature that made it easier to follow the story in the previous installment, and which this time it uses to its advantage for its continuation. The first episodes immediately contextualize the plot – two years after the events already told – and also that handrail she changed.

In particular, he is more aware that his exceptional physical strength and knowledge of the world of power can come in handy. But he won’t know how bad it will be until members of his police department start dying. Someone is murdering them, and they are doing it with methods that are no stranger to mercenary experts. What will he ask? handrail on the way to uncovering the culprit.

It will not be easy. Screenwriter Nick Santora (Scorpio, Jailbreak), uses the best points of the novel to emphasize this handrail He is the new hero of the television action genre. The showrunner and director who is also the showrunner uses wide shots, sober and well shot scenes to support something specific. The character always has a surprise up his sleeve. The premise doesn’t feel rushed, artificial, or convenient to the extent that the plot is concerned with communicating everything Reacher is hiding with efficient speed. Something that includes a decorated past, a series of revelations about the dark side of the military world, as well as his own take on it.

One of the most successful turns of the new installment is precisely to prevent Reacher from becoming a kind of muscular and empty superman. The most striking thing about this growth in intelligence and density is that it makes him the perfect soldier. On the one hand with many skills in weaponry and physical attributes. At the same time, a man who knows how to analyze tracks, traces and traps carefully and with considerable efficiency. Which undoubtedly makes him a rarity in the current field.

In search of dangerous secrets

handrail, the central character of Lee Child’s novels, has had one of the strangest trajectories in the world of adaptations. Especially since the gigantic figure of literary fiction, performed twice by Tom Cruise in the cinema. The actor brought his undeniable charisma and fun incarnation. However, the clear physical difference with the literary version angered fans and the writer himself, who disagreed with the choice.

The arrival of the story on Prime Video was therefore a review not only of the saga, which already has 27 books, but also of the way of approaching her character. On this occasion, interpreter Alan Ritchson came as close to the role as he could. The result was the first season of an action story with a second that complements its good quality. New story points do not seem artificial or unnecessary, but rather show that there is something to discover handrail. Much more, it allows the story to have a solidity that is uncommon in stories based on bullet and bare-handed punch sequences.

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Second season handrail he grows in violence, raising the stakes of his vision of a hero, but maintaining his identity. That’s what it is: an uncomplicated and satisfying story in which a man who has made mistakes has an opportunity to redeem himself. In an era full of deconstructed – sometimes forced – characters, this is a welcome touch and undoubtedly the best part of the plot.

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