‘Starfield’ details its first major update of 2024

Bethesda keeps a low profile regarding update Star field i.e. The study focused on fix bugs and optimize performance it leaves games and the arrival of new features in the background. That will change in a few weeks, as promised by the developers we will see new game additions.

in contribution to celebrate the end of the yearBethesda mentioned some of theOptions that will be implemented in the next patch of Star field. A few weeks ago, a study confirmed city ​​maps and “new ways to travel”. Although the developers kept the details to themselves, they took this opportunity to offer a broader vision of the content they will offer.

First big patch Star field will arrive in February and expand the ship creation mode. New construction options and the ability to decorate them will be added.

The ship building mode is one of the most popular and time consuming Star field. Some players count dozens of hours trying different configurations and One of the most common complaints is how limited the customization is.. Bethesda has replicated its modular design philosophy in the components, but there is no way to view or modify the ship’s interior.

Star field too will add new options to adjust the difficulty of the game. Bethesda states that these features go beyond the basic configuration and allow detailed editing in values ​​such as maximum inventory capacity, ship damage, atmospheric effects, and perhaps best of all: the amount of credits that vendors have in the game.

Developers will also add new survival mechanicsalthough they didn’t mention what it was.

Star field is preparing to receive support mods

Mandalorian mod for StarfieldMandalorian mod for Starfield
Mod with armor The Mandalorian in Star field

One of the defining characteristics of Bethesda games is their mod support. User Generated Content is for games like Skyrim remain valid for years. WITH Star field will use a similar strategy and In early 2024, they will release a kit for creation.

The Creation Kit will be a set of editing tools Star field. Bethesda will offer the exporter to send our content to the game and will probably integrate with Steam when it becomes available. Although there is no official support at the moment, hundreds of users have released mods since the introduction of the title.

“Modding has always been a huge part of our games, with incredible community content that keeps bringing new experiences. With the scope and systems of the Starfield, we can’t wait to see what you come up with!”


Finally, Bethesda also confirmed it continue working A broken universethe first major expansion Star field which will arrive in 2024. The developers have promised new stories, locations, and gear for your characters, though they’re keeping the details under wraps until the time is right to reveal them.

Provide to a warm welcome, Star field already reached 13 million players. Bethesda mentioned that the average time per player is 40 hours and published interesting statistics from the first months of the game. The studio invited the community sign up for the steam beta be the first to test updates as they become available.

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