VW ID.GAIA Could Be The Perfect Electric Truck, If Only It Existed
The VW ID.GAIA could be the perfect electric truck if only it existed

If VW ever wanted to give the Tesla Cybertruck a run for its money, a pickup like this might do the trick


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December 20, 2023 at 3:00 p.m

    The VW ID.GAIA could be the perfect electric truck if only it existed

AND a few months ago, we shared a gallery of amazing VW concepts by Sean Keunyoung Oh, a senior design student at the Korea National University of Arts in South Korea. Sean has now hit our radar again after posting images of his latest creation, an all-electric pickup from VW that could serve as a rival to vehicles like the Ford F-150 Raptor.

Called the ID.GAIA, the concept study was designed to ride on a skateboard platform and, if ever made, could borrow its battery and electric motors from other VW-made EVs. From a visual point of view Sean’s pickup truck it’s quite impressive and has a much more striking and durable design than the current Amarok.

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    The VW ID.GAIA could be the perfect electric truck if only it existed
Sean Keunyoung Oh

Key elements of the ID.GAIA’s front fascia include a gloss black element where the radiator grille would traditionally be located. This piece of black trim seamlessly connects to the LED headlights. The front also rests on a distinctive skid plate with tow hooks and has a clamshell-style hood that opens to reveal an even bigger chunk than it has Ford F-150 Lightning and the Tesla Cybertruck.

The rugged design of the pickup truck continues with mud wheels and tires. It also seems to have quite a large and spacious cabin, and at 5,870 mm (231 in) long, it still has room for a fairly large bed.

Key features of the truck’s rear include an LED light bar and a unique three-piece tailgate that doubles as storage and folds into steps for easy access to the bed. There is also a spare wheel and full size tire under the bed floor.

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Rendered by Sean Keunyoung Oh

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