This is what the new Apple CarPlay looks like in Porsche and Aston Martins

During WWDC 2022 those from Cupertino presented and the new generation of Apple CarPlay, its iPhone-powered in-vehicle infotainment system. But since then, we’ve received more bad news than good, mainly because various manufacturers chose not to support it in their future cars. However now Porsche and Aston Martin surprised us with the first look at what the new Apple CarPlay looks like integrated into their vehicles..

Unlike the previous version, the new Apple CarPlay extends your experience to the digital dashboard, so you’re not limited to just the central screen. It therefore almost completely replaces the information and entertainment system of the car companies themselves, which is why some have decided to get off the ship.

Porsche and Aston Martin, on the other hand, are adopting all the new Apple CarPlay features. In the images you will see below, you can see that manufacturers have the ability to adapt it to different screen formats.

In the specific case of Porsche even Apple CarPlay is displayed on up to three different panels. The third, located almost in front of the co-pilot’s position, displays reminders, current music playback and weather information. The central screen, in turn, gives space to available applications, an active call and trajectory data from Maps.

Aston Martin preferred to stay on the traditional path. That is, with only two screens. The center is actually not too different from what we already have in the current version of Apple CarPlay.

New Apple CarPlay in Aston Martins
Aston Martin

The option is also relevant Customize the dashboard interface slightly to match each brand’s image. While Porsche shows a look With sporty elements, Aston Martin opted for a more elegant design. It would be quite attractive if brands offered more themes for the user to choose according to their taste.

Unfortunately, Neither Porsche nor Aston Martin have revealed a specific launch date the new Apple CarPlay in their vehicles. The British manufacturer limited itself to saying that it will be compatible with its own infotainment system, which it will launch sometime in 2024, and that it will be available in the DB12 coupe and convertible.

Despite the above, it is clear that two such important companies are already working on the integration of the new generation of Apple CarPlay in their cars. Of course, this could cause other manufacturers to jump on the bandwagon. The more options consumers have, the more attractive it will be to them.

Since Porsche is part of the Volkswagen Group, perhaps it’s a clue that other subsidiaries will adopt the new Apple CarPlay sooner rather than later…

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