Zipik, an app that uses AI to turn you into a celebrity

You must have already heard about the possibility to change your appearance and become a famous person through a mobile application. You may even have already received such an image. This is achieved using a new mobile application Zippywhich went viral in Spain just a few hours after its release and worldwide just a few days later.

Originally from Barcelona, ​​the app is available for both iOS and Android devices in two versions, free and premium, and hopes to reach 300,000 downloads in one week.

James Bond, Spiderman, Star Wars and a wide catalog that is expanding

Zipik has become the app of the moment thanks to the hilarious and realistic images it can create. Through artificial intelligence can turn people into characters from your favorite moviessuch as, among others, Harry Potter, Spiderman, Frozen, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean or James Bond or personalities such as Santa Claus.

At the moment there will be dozens of filters that will be added every week, some of them are only available in the premium version. The paid version will be able to create unlimitedly with all the filters of the application, without a watermark and in HD.

Thanks to AI, Zipik is able to get very realistic images from just a photo of the user and with surprisingly good quality, unlike other platforms that require several photos and whose results are not always very accurate.

Since its launch this week, Zipik users have been virally sharing their transformed images on social media. “The Zipik bomb arrived almost by accident. We were thinking about viral features for our app Vibras, a social network for Generation Z, and had a “eureka” moment when the idea came to us. We saw very clearly that we had to let her live alone and give her everything” explains Sergi Villaubí, co-founder and investor of Zipik.

When creating an application Isaac Grau, David Berges, Sergi Villaubí and Albert Feliu participated while the team in charge of development and the rest of the related aspects consists of only five people.

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