Danfoss with the Saviynt platform increases security and reduces the time required for login

Engineering and manufacturing giant Danfoss successfully deployed the Saviynt Enterprise Identity Cloud (EIC) platform to improve identity management and reduce onboarding time by 83%. The collaboration has simplified and strengthened security and management processes for 45,000 digital identities worldwide and on more than 100 continents.

Saviynt empowers businesses to secure their digital transformation, protect critical assets and meet regulatory compliance with a vision to provide a secure and compliant future for all businesses.

Before engaging Saviynt, Danfoss was struggling with its internal Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solution. This system involved multiple servers in different environments, resulting in a time-consuming and demanding management and maintenance process. These complications have intensified as Danfoss continues to expand globally.

Daniel Tunes, director and head of identity and access management at Danfoss, welcomed the partnership: “With Saviynt, we achieved 83% faster onboarding across three continents. We implemented more efficient, secure and user-friendly management for 45,000 identities in record time.”

Danfoss turned to Saviynt to modernize its approach to identity security. Its first step, replacing the IGA solution with the EIC Saviynt platform, optimized and secured its most common processes, user provisioning and decommissioning. In addition, with the EIC platform, Danfoss has successfully improved user access control and certification, addressed privileged segregation of duties risks, and met industry-specific compliance standards.

Saviynt’s cloud-native solution helped Danfoss manage the lifecycle of outsourcers and third parties, as well as strengthen its analytics and reporting capabilities. The successful implementation of the Saviynt solution enabled Danfoss to navigate complex identity and access issues across different geographies, demonstrating the partnership’s effectiveness in addressing the company’s needs on a global scale.

Sachin Nayyar, CEO of Saviynt, emphasized the significant positive impact of their solution on Danfoss. According to Nayyar, Saviynt has significantly improved key processes at Danfoss, leading to increased efficiency and enhanced safety and compliance. Implementing Saviynt’s Enterprise Identity Cloud (EIC) enabled Danfoss to automate access requirements for contractors and other contingent workers who are critical contributors to the company’s operations.

This automation streamlines processes and ensures that partners can easily access necessary resources while adhering strictly to compliance, risk management and governance protocols. Overall, the integration of the Saviynt solution has enabled Danfoss to work seamlessly with its partners and balance availability with robust security and compliance measures.

Sachin Nayyar said: “Saviynt has overhauled Danfoss’ key processes, increasing efficiency while strengthening the company’s security and compliance position. Thanks to EIC, Danfoss has also been able to automate access requirements for contractors and other contingent workers who play an important role.” in the operation of the company”.

“By automating third-party access, Danfoss has truly enabled business by working seamlessly with its partners to ensure they have access to the resources they need, while enforcing strict compliance, risk and governance practices.”