Download over 900 classic eBooks for free from StandardEbooks

Free eBooks from Standard eBooks

If you’re interested in reading the classics, you might appreciate the Standard eBooks Project, which offers free high-quality eBooks that are well-formatted, proofread, and professionally designed with style guides.

Standard Ebooks focuses on books that are in the public domain and free of copyright, which is how they can offer free books. You’ll find classics from Virgil, Marcus Aurelius, Emerson to Shakespeare, Jack London to Jane Austen, Lewis Carroll to Laozi, Kipling to Tolstoy… you get the idea.

All eBooks are free to download and will work on any Apple device via iBooks, err Books, Kindle, and other e-readers, so whether you want to enjoy classic books on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Kindle, or even Android device, you’re in for a treat.

eBooks are available in .epub format for iBooks/Books in the Apple ecosystem and most ereaders, .azw3 for kindle, kepub for kobo, and advanced epub for e-book readers that support additional features.

Free eBooks from Standard eBooksFree eBooks from Standard eBooks

you can too browse the collection of e-books directlyor perform bulk downloads of all author works, or even by subject or collection. Want all of Tolstoy’s works ebooks? No problem.

This is a great find for anyone interested in reading the classics, whether you’re a bibliophile, a student, or just curious and enjoy reading. Cheers MJTsai for the find!

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