How to set a temporary password on Yale Assure Lock 2

Creating temporary passwords and user profiles is one of the best features Yale Assure Lock 2. This allows you to send guests access codes that expire after a set amount of time. This is especially useful if you use your home for short-term rentals, as you can schedule the code to expire when your guests check out, and then activate a new code when the next guests arrive. It can even be used to create different codes for visiting family members (if you prefer to keep your master code secret).

Trying to set a temporary code on the Yale Assure Lock 2? Here’s everything you need to know.


How to set a temporary password on Yale Assure Lock 2

The first thing you need to do is make sure your smart lock is connected to the Yale Access smartphone app. You probably did this as part of the installation process, but if for some reason they’re no longer connected, follow the instructions in the user manual to sync your devices again. Then open the Yale Access app on your smartphone and follow these steps.

Step 1: Once you open the app, you’ll be greeted by a menu known as Keychain. You will see a list of all your properties with Yale products installed. Select the one with Assure Lock 2 you want to customize and go to your smart lock.

Step 2: You should now see a large circle on your screen (red means your door is locked, green means it’s unlocked).

Step 3: Choose Guest list icon at the bottom of the display (the icon looks like a silhouette of a person).

Step 4: squeeze Invite icon at the top of the menu. This will start the process of creating a new user profile.

Step 5: Choose if you want your new user to have Access to the application or Entry code only. If you are creating a temporary password, the Only input code option is sufficient.

Step 6: Enter the name of the person you want to assign a temporary code to. You can also invite a contact from your phone’s contact list.

Step 7: Press the yellow arrow button in the upper right corner of the screen to go to the next step.

Step 8: You will now be taken to a menu that allows you to modify all settings related to this user account. Options on this screen include Access by PIN, Entry codeand Text code to guest.

Step 9: Click on Access by PINthen change the mode to Temporary. You can then set the exact time and date you want to activate the code, as well as the date and time you want to deactivate the code. This step is crucial! If you don’t change this setting, the code you generate will not be temporary.

Step 10: Return to the previous screen where you can then set Entry code for your guest and send an SMS with the code to one of your contacts (if you wish).

Step 11: Click Save the code when you are done.

Step 12: When done correctly, you should now see a new user record Guest list Menu. It will also show details of when the temporary code will be active.

Step 13: And it is done! Once the expiration date is reached, the temporary code and profile are automatically deactivated.

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