What Would Happen If…?, Season Two, Review

He Marvel Cinematic Universe he didn’t have all that with him during 2023. Especially when it comes to the originality of his stories and even the continuity of the concept multiverse. The latter, traditional in publishing, doesn’t seem to work as well on canvas as it does on paper. Or at least that was the case in every movie and series – except for the tutorial house it became. Loki— in which the term was introduced.

This is why the challenge the second season from anime, What would happen if…?, is bigger than the one it had when it premiered. At the start of the eventful fifth phase, parallel realities were an exciting possibility. But today, it’s nothing more than a clunky plot twist. Most of the time forced into the plots of movies that included it. Writer and showrunner AC Bradley seems to know well in this new season. The new parts of the series not only delve into its basic idea – unexpected variations on the most famous heroes – but also dare to do more. Especially when considering the perspective of multiple scenarios in which anything can happen.

?What would happen if…?’

The second season of the animated film What If…? from Marvel does what the previous one couldn’t: experiment on a grand scale with the franchise. From pop culture homages to a new character that takes the best of Wakanda and turns it into cultural commentary. The series is a radical new entry into the franchise in its low hours. Your best post.

Score: 4 out of 5.

Again in an anthology format, nine premiere chapters – one a day until the New Year – will rock you from top to bottom. In fact, the production seems to have taken into account the criticism of its previous work, making the stories wilder and much less dependent on popular characters. On this occasion, the premise involves risky experiments that are completely out of step with what Marvel tells on the big screen. Or at least they take the scenarios they show from completely unexpected perspectives.

A massive experiment for Marvel

From the introduction of a Native American character – created specifically for the series and spoken in Mohawk – to the return of Cate Blanchett’s Hela. But he recombined with an unknown force that moves him to another place in the franchise. Second season What would happen if…?, is everything its predecessor tried and failed to be. Much more in the emphasis on the uniqueness of each story. Although connected by a thin thread of events, most operate independently. It also gets rid of a real problem with Marvel in recent years: you don’t have to see anything to understand the arguments.

Of course, some knowledge of what’s been going on in the saga in recent years is required, but nothing specific, much less elaborate. A notable point in the first chapter What would happen if… Nebula joined the Nova Corps? This returns characters from Guardians of the Galaxy. But his script moves to other, more exciting places. Basically based on a recreation for Marvel in a context very similar to Blade Runner, The story goes through numerous sci-fi references. It also offers fresh exploration of the Nebula, until now a secondary luxury in the larger story.

Now he takes on a whole lot of importance, and the script likes to delve into his deductive skills and quirky sense of humor. One of the best points of the plot is the way the plot plays with the character of the films until it is completely separated from the known story lines. Now Thanos’ reconstructed daughter has powers and a personality of her own. Also, missions to complete and relentless quests to undertake. What she does, with a skill that makes her a much more attractive character than she was and inherently, opens up possibilities for more future chapters.

More pop culture tributes

Something similar happens in the remaining chapters. In the case of the Milan ship’s anti-hero team, the second story brings a little more to the table. What would happen if…Peter Quill attacked Earth’s mightiest heroes?convert to the celestial nature of the character played by Chris Pratt in the evil superpower. An element that gives some indication of what a more complete version of him might look like on the big screen. Specifically in regards to his hybrid nature and the way he was able to deal with his father Ego’s sinister legacy.

However, perhaps the most endearing plotline for Iron Man fans will be the third one. What if… Merry Christmas was saved by Hogan?, brings in Tony Stark’s best friend in a story that, like Nebula, makes him the main character for the first time. But the funniest thing about the plot is that the story is almost a point-by-point homage to the movie Crystal Jungle by John McTiernan. In fact, it’s the story closest to comedy and the one that strikes the best balance between Marvel mythology and pop culture.

Another one that will please comedy and action movie lovers is the fourth chapter. What would happen if… Iron Man ran into the Grandmaster?is a combination between film Hangover in Las Vegas by Todd Phillips and Thor: Ragnarok by Taika Waititi. The festive atmosphere is multiplied on Sakaar, and Tony Stark’s wilder side – yes, there is one – takes center stage in this rather lackluster episode, but ultimately extremely entertaining.

An example of what Marvel can do

What would happen if…?takes over the baton of the second season of the year Loki and turns the multiverse into a place worthy of interest and exploration. One of the series’ strongest points — aside from its exponential leap in animation compared to the previous season — It is your ability to be unpredictable.

This time around, while some episodes feature completely expendable cameos, the rest are set pieces that fit into a more fluid narrative. This time, the franchise dares – and succeeds – to make the multiverse into unknown and exciting territory.

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Much more, as the stories become related to many others from the previous installment.And yes, a multi-faceted tree is decorated for the occasion. This remembers that the adventure through endless stories of alternate worlds and realities has just begun.

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