Tottenham vs Everton live stream: How to watch the match

The Premier League is in action today with Tottenham vs Everton in the lead. If you are a football fan, you might be wondering how to watch the game online. And yet you won’t find it on any of them the best live tv streaming servicesyou can find it at Peacock TV, which is NBC’s stand-alone streaming service. The game starts very early at 10am ET so read on for more details on how to watch Tottenham vs Everton live stream.

The best way to watch Tottenham vs Everton


Peacock TV is the best way to watch Tottenham vs Everton, and not just because it’s the only way. With a subscription you get access to best Peacock movies and the best shows on the Peacock. This is in addition to dozens of Premier League matches throughout the season and access to other sports such as Sunday night football. Peacock subscriptions start at just $6 a month, with the ad-free option coming in at $12 a month.

Is there a free Tottenham vs Everton live stream?

While Peacock used to have a free plan that offered access to some on-demand movies and TV shows, it’s gotten a little sticky with its content. There is no longer a Peacock TV Free Trial available, but that’s mainly because its basic monthly subscription is as cheap as streaming services go. With an entry point of $6/month, you get access to everything new on Peacockand today it includes Tottenham vs Everton live stream. There’s no long-term commitment required with Peacock, so you can end your subscription after one month if you only sign up to watch Tottenham vs Everton.

How to watch Tottenham vs Everton live stream from anywhere

NordVPN logo on purple background.

If you find yourself on the go for kick-off, you can still tune into Tottenham vs Everton live by pairing Peacock TV with one of best VPN services. A VPN will allow you to watch the game from anywhere as well as from home, as you will be able to choose a VPN server in the United States to ensure that you bypass geo-restrictions. NordVPN tops our list when it comes to VPN services, and NordVPN Free Trial you get free use of the service for 30 days.

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