5 special ones to spend a very fun Christmas Day

Christmas Eve is perhaps one of the few times of the year when every family has its own tradition. From delicious food to time in front of the multi-screen. The truth is that for everyone, celebrating one of the most popular holidays has some inherited customs and others of its own. Which of course includes a list of ideal movies where you can spend time with family members, laugh and cry together. And they’re the best on Disney+.

This is a habit that cinematography has been taking into account for decades. From the first silent shorts that showed Christmas trees floating under starry nights, to the current blockbusters Christmas like Wonka by Paul King. Great success celebrations, They have a direct and friendly relationship not only with the target audience, but also with a deep insight into emotions.

We leave you with five specials you can watch right now on Disney+ that celebrate Christmas Eve. From the curious character who enjoys the party for the first time and in his own way, to the mothers and daughters who have to face the daily disasters of the times. The selection includes stories that you can enjoy in the company of your loved ones and under the Christmas tree. Perhaps the most tender moment of the whole year.

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The best Christmas specials on Disney+

Christmas for CHUECO


The most curious talking ape on the Disney+ platform is enjoying its first special this year. And how could it be otherwise, It is a mission that only this creature with an adorable spirit and unique personality can accomplish.

When Chueco discovers that the family that hides and cares for him doesn’t celebrate Christmas, he does what he can – paws? — to comfort a broken heart. Also bring joy to the lives of Juan (Darío Barassi) and Amanda (Consuelo Duval), his protectors and now relatives.

It may seem like a hackneyed premise—it is—but in the hands of director Daniel Casablancas, it becomes an adventure that will make you laugh as much as cry. Chueco must understand the complicated places of human experience as well as hope in order to accomplish his particular mission. You’ll get there eventually—there’s no other way—and you’ll learn something along the way. Faith through good works is much stronger at Christmas than at any other time.

Christmas mischief


What would happen if you found out you were on the list of naughty children that Santa Claus makes and fixes every year? That’s exactly what happens to Andy (Winslow Fegley), a mischievous boy who decides to have his name on the list, It doesn’t mean being left without a present under the tree.

In his epic, Andy reunites a group of kids who are also missing from the big list. The result will be an adventure that begins with clearing your name—or at least convincing Santa to do so—while understanding the meaning of the celebration. That while an unusual group He faces his own history of cheating, little lies and mistakes.

In its final stretch, the film becomes a Christmas adventure that spans two continents and several countries. In particular, it clarifies something crucial: Christmas is a dimension of good wishes available to everyone. Even the most unruly kids in the neighborhood.

The magic of Christmas


Eddie Garrick (played by Ludacris) is a social worker who has lost faith in his profession. Much more, he has no intention of believing in the magic of small things again. What Christmas involves. So he gradually becomes more arid and distant, even with his family.

However, he will have to face his traumatic experiences and their consequences in the future, in the middle of the most unexpected Christmas adventure. That’s when his ex-wife lets him know that it’s time – and undoubtedly an opportunity – to restore the most important places in his heart. In the midst of it all, he’ll also face a disturbing message: magic is real, and he must try to save it. Especially at Christmas.

With a simple and exciting story, director Tim Story’s film succeeds in turning a personal dilemma into an exciting quest. In his final stretch, Eddie discovers that being a father is part of his most valuable job. Also believe in the impossible. The biggest message of this lovely movie.

Christmas again?


Rowena (Scarlett Estevez) feels no particular attraction to Christmas. And maybe that’s why you’ll be a little cautious about wishing at that moment. But what starts as a way to make fun of Christmas traditions ends up as an unexpected trick. The one when Rowena finds herself in the middle of a time loop and is forced to relive the same day—yes, Christmas—over and over again.

A film that cheerfully references works such as Time Magic (Groundhog Day) even, Avengers: Endgame, is fun because of its freshness. At the same time, for his carefree humor and good sense for creating morals without preaching. Rowena, you will learn that big data is more than market celebrations and consumables. And in fact, What hides amidst all the smiles and Christmas carols is a celebration of the best and purest of human beings.

Good Luck Charlie!: It’s Christmas!


Amy (Leigh-Allyn Baker) and her daughter Teddy (Bridgit Mendler) plan to spend Christmas as a family. Like every year. Moreover, they are not completely happy. Which usually happens often. Everything changes when they find themselves separated from the others in the middle of a busy family trip. In order to meet again, they will travel back and forth across the United States while trying to cope with living together.

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This simple comedy is more interesting for its charming moments than for the plot told a hundred times. Still, the film somehow manages to strike a balance in telling this adorable Christmas story, complete with happy ending and tree. Plus, of course, the little miracle of dates. The best of a sweet story, perfect to enjoy after a long-awaited family dinner.

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