Dogecoin founder sparks incredible Ethereum vs Solana fight by U.Today

© Reuters. Dogecoin Founder Sparks Incredible Ethereum-Solana Showdown

U.Today – the creator, widely known as Shibetoshi Nakamoto, instigated a remarkable confrontation between and in an unconventional way.

In a recent post, Markus threw a controversial question at the crypto community: “Which is better or Ethereum (ETH)? My opinion on which one is better is based on which community gives me more tips!” He attached the addresses of his wallets to both platforms and awaited the verdict.

The response was quick and surprising. In just five hours, Markus accumulated more than $10,000 in various cryptocurrencies, with his Ethereum wallet receiving $8,200, primarily in ETH, representing 88% of the total.

The Solana wallet, while raising less funds, secured nearly $2,000 in various assets. However, it was the eclectic mix of chips that caught Markus by surprise.

He stated that wallets now accumulate a diverse range of items. Originally intended as a light-hearted post, Markus shared that the situation took an unexpected turn when individuals began sending various unknown items to their wallets.

He admitted to having limited knowledge of Solana, other than that it appears frequently in his recent online activity.

Solana vs Ethereum

The unconventional clash between Solana and has gained momentum amid Solana’s remarkable rise, securing the position of the fourth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. SOL posted a staggering 300% rise against ETH, reaching levels not seen since December 2021.

This resurgence reignited discourse on whether Solana could potentially “kill ETH,” prompting the founder to offer his unique solution to the dispute.

This article was originally published on U.Today