Enthusiasts bring this Find DeLorean barn into the future with its first bath in 2 decades

Key things

  • The DeLorean DMC-12 has been sitting in a barn for 20 years, but despite the dirt and dust, it remains in good condition with only 977 miles on the odometer.
  • The DeLorean Nation team showcases the car’s transformation through a thorough cleaning, revealing its impressive condition beneath all the grime.
  • Deep cleaning your DeLorean removes stains and dirt and gives it a shiny, brand new look. Body rust and rot is minimal and overall looks practically new after cleaning.



Many consider DeLorean DMC-12 one of the worst sports cars when they were made. It didn’t deliver the performance it promised and the car suffered from serious build quality issues throughout its life. That didn’t stop him from becoming a cult icon of the 80s thanks to his starring role in the film Back to the future movies. Even the John DeLorean scandal and the cocaine-trafficking trial didn’t take away the allure of the DMC-12.

The team in DeLorean Nation via their YouTube channel, talks and explores all things DMC-12 with filler and salvage videos. This latest video falls into the latter category as they recently found a DMC-12 in a barn in Wisconsin.

After rescuing it, the DeLorean Nation team decided to give the sports car a deep clean, washing all the dirt off its bare metal skin. The transformation of the DeLorean is incredible and the video mentions that this is the first car wash in over 20 years. It’s still a long time coming for this 80s star.


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DMC-12 lived in a barn for 20 years

DeLorean DMC-12 Engine Specifications


Volvo, Renault and Peugeot

Production years



Naturally aspirated V6


2.85 liters

Power supply

130 HP


153 lb-ft



Notable applications

Lancia Thema, Renault 25

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It’s not every day you find a DeLorean in a barn, and in this case the sports car has 977 miles on it since it was new. While covered in dirt and dust, the DeLorean has survived in good condition with the interior intact and the odometer showing just how few miles it has driven. Despite its condition and the mice that inhabit it, this DeLorean is practically brand new with only a few miles on the clock.

We see the DMC-12 removed from its barn after 20 years and watch it leave and return to DeLorean Nation’s warehouse, which is full of other DMC-12s undergoing work and restoration. The team discussed the media attention the DMC-12 had received after its discovery and decided to keep it dirty until their media duties were over.

Now it’s time to clean it up, with some cleaner from the famous Ammo NYC to help the DeLorean clean again. A quick test of some products will reveal how much dirt covers the sports car, with bare metal showing through the dirt.

DeLorean first it gets a foam bath to help clean the paint for the first time without damaging the car. First, they cleaned up half of the DeLorean and showed the contrast between what it looked like and what it would look like. This bubble bath did a great job removing a lot of dirt.

It’s an unpleasant task with mouse droppings covering the car, but the results are incredible. After the foam bath, the DeLorean can go through a deeper detailing process to remove much more dirt.


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DMC-12 will start to shine again during washing

The condition of this DMC-12 after 20 years in the barn

  • The DeLorean was parked with only 977 miles on the odometer
  • The sports car sat for 20 years collecting dirt, dust and mouse nests
  • Mouse nests were found in the cabin and grille of the DeLorean
  • A deep cleaning revealed a DMC-12 in very good condition

A foam bath will reveal some stains from what has built up on the DeLorean, but using a microfiber cloth and applying pressure will remove many of the stains, the team found. Underneath the dirt, the team is happy with the sports car’s condition and found no surprises in terms of rust or body rot. A small amount of rust was present but due to the detailing process much of it has now been removed leaving the DMC-12 extra clean.

When half of the car is clean, the team removes the cover from the other half and shows the difference a deep clean can make. The amount of grime that has come off the DeLorean is remarkable, and the metal and body on the now clean side of the sports car look brand new.

The secret storage area that the DeLorean has been in for over 20 years has helped keep the car in top condition. In the video, the team behind the rescue say the owner liked to go down to the barn and look at it because he felt it was a very cool looking car.

With the big reveal out of the way, DeLorean Nation then moves on cleaning the rest of the barn to find the car. It’s a similar process where the DMC-12 goes through a foam bath and wash to remove as much of the top layer of dirt as possible.

With some foam spilling over to the other side of the car, the team also re-cleaned that side just in case. This second cleaning removes a lot of the nasty dirt from the grill area that comes out as a brown liquid.


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The DMC-12 has a mouse nest hidden in the grille

DeLorean DMC-12 Deep Clean Front Quarter Bubble Bath
via the DeLorean Nation YouTube channel

The detailing process can be quite gruesome, with horrible chunks and debris removed from the car and even leftover nuts that the mice picked up when it was their home. The car’s grille keeps leaking mud and dirt, and DeLorean Nation believes there’s a nest of mice hiding behind the grille. The removal of the grill confirms their suspicions, and it’s not a pleasant sight.


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The DMC-12 looks practically new after a deep cleaning

DeLorean DMC-12 Deep Clean Front view of quarter Clean
via the DeLorean Nation YouTube channel

The mouse nest goes very deep into the DeLorean and all the team can do is get their hands dirty to remove all the mouse droppings and whatever else is behind the grille. After everything is done, he refreshes and cleans the front of the car. It’s kind of therapeutic to see it cleaned up, but it’s also horrible to see how much dirt was coming out of the car.

At the end of the video we get an overall view of the DeLorean after it has been thoroughly cleaned and the change from the condition in the barn is remarkable. Hopefully this will put this car back on the road to getting back on the road.

Sources: DeLorean Nation YouTube Channel, UltimateSPECS