GTI or GTX? 2025 ID.3 Spied Testing as a powerful VW power hatch

Expected to debut in 2024, the hotter ID.3 should precede the recently confirmed all-electric GTI to arrive in 2026

December 27, 2023 at 4:32 pm

    GTI or GTX?  2025 ID.3 Spied Testing as a powerful VW power hatch

It’s clear that Volkswagen is actively developing an electric hot hatch with previews like the ID.X concept. This model will be built on the ID.3 platform. Our spy photographers recently caught another prototype vehicle during cold weather testing and speculation is rife as to what it will be called.

Since the creation of ID. VW uses GTX to denote its performance-oriented EVs, but when the automaker unveiled a smaller ID. The GTI concept already signaled to the world in September that the legendary GTI name might not be reserved for cars with an internal combustion engine. A few days ago, VW design chief Andreas Mindt confirmed that it was indeed it isand that an all-electric GTI model will arrive in 2026.

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    GTI or GTX?  2025 ID.3 Spied Testing as a powerful VW power hatch

We spoke to Mindt and they confirmed that it will indeed be a production version id. Concept GTI, which itself is a hotter version of the ID.2all concept. However, VW has expressed interest in ditching the GTX name altogether, meaning we could see the ID.3 GTX become the ID.3 GTI, assuming they don’t name it that way from the get-go when it debuts next spring.

Regardless of the name, the prototype doesn’t give us much to distinguish it from the regular ID.3, though it does feature a sportier front bumper design with a mesh lower roll. But given that the car’s overall design language is still based on the pre-facelift ID.3, and given that it’s still a prototype, the final design is of course subject to change. In addition to the bodywork, the hatchback also has larger wheels and a lower stance, giving us another look at its performance potential.

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    GTI or GTX?  2025 ID.3 Spied Testing as a powerful VW power hatch

As for what the performance entails, it’s expected VW it will go the route of a dual-motor AWD setup for the electric hot hatch. The system, likely borrowed from the ID.4 and ID.5 GTX, would produce a healthy 335 PS (339 PS / 250 kW), up from the 295 PS (299 PS / 220 kW) of the older models. VW quoted 2021 ID.X concept with a 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) time of 5.3 seconds, and this car used the old 295 hp setup, so there’s a solid chance the updated powertrain will see it hit the high 4-second range.

That kind of power and speed combined with all-wheel drive would cement it as a top player in the segment, but with extra engines comes extra weight, and the lightest single-engine ID.3 already weighs 3,907 lb (1,772 kg). ). Unless VW can find a way to manage its weight, we’re a bit wary of this car’s portability, and at the end of the day, that quality can make or break a hot hatch.

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