“Available software updates have changed” error on Mac and how to fix it

Available software updates have changed the bug on Mac

Some Mac users may occasionally experience a strange error when trying to update the system software on their Mac, with an error message stating that “Available software updates have changed” and try again or contact Apple.

The full error message that may appear when updating MacOS system software is as follows:

“Available software updates have changed. Please try again or contact Apple Support for assistance.

An error occurred while downloading the selected updates. Please check your internet connection and try again.”

This error message can appear in a variety of situations, but the most common seems to be when you haven’t installed a software update that’s available for your Mac, but the cache for a previous software update remains in the Software Update preferences panel.

The solution to this problem is usually straightforward and is suggested in the error message itself; try update the MacOS system software again. However, if you’re stuck in a loop where you keep getting this message, here’s how to resolve the error:

  1. Exit System Settings (or System Preferences)
  2. Open System Settings (or System Preferences) again
  3. Go back to Software Update and refresh the updates and try to install an available system software update again

This will usually resolve the issue and allow you to install an available software update.

If you still have problems or this error message, you can also try this download the full macOS installer for the version you want to install or update on your Mac.

I came across it with macOS Sonoma Update 14.2.1, but Mac users have been reporting this for a long time. This error can appear in basically any version of macOS, from Sonoma to Ventura to Monterey, and even much older versions of macOS from High Sierra to Mojave to El Capitan. Users have been complaining about this issue on the web for some time Apple Discussion Forums for different versions of the Mac operating system, but since it’s an easy fix most of the time, it shouldn’t be a problem that significantly disrupts your Mac or your software update schedule.