Outlaw TV with Jesse James and Paul Teutulo Sr.: All confirmed so far

Key things

  • Jesse James, Paul Teutul Sr and Billy Lane have launched a new streaming service called Outlaw TV, which will feature motorcycle content as well as looks at classic muscle cars.
  • Outlaw TV will be member-driven, allowing viewers to directly influence shows and make their voices heard.
  • Jesse, Paul and Billy will have the creative freedom to produce valuable content and the service will not take direction from the board.



If you were a big fan like many of us Orange County Choppers and West Coast Choppers when they aired earlier, you’re in for a big treat. TV legends Jesse James, Paul Teutul Sr and Billy Lane of Choppers Inc. have joined forces to bring us a brand new streaming service. It doesn’t look purely motorcycle either, with flashes of classic muscle cars appearing in the new trailer.

They called their creation Outlaw TV and it will be headed by entrepreneur and skilled craftsman Jesse James. We’ve got everything you need to know for now, including how you can get early access and what to expect from the iconic trio.


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Jesse James Confirms New Outlaw TV Streaming Service

Welcome to the revival of great names like Jesse James, Paul Teutul Sr and Billy Lane, the streaming service will have a lot to offer American helicopter and Monster Garage fans. Outlaw TV promises to be member-driven in the sense that those who sign up and watch will have their voices heard and be able to directly influence the shows.

Jesse makes his vision for the ministry crystal clear when he says that “if the members say it sucks, we’ll stop it. If not, we’ll keep going.” The key message to take away is that Outlaw TV will not take over from the board and instead let the viewers have a say in the shows. What’s more, it allows Jesse, Paul, and Billy to produce content they think is valuable, rather than what they’re supposed to do.

Outlaw TV boasts an all-star cast

These three names will no doubt be familiar to many HotCars readers, but if not, here’s a quick recap of the three stars. It’s also worth noting that Outlaw TV has named David McKillop as its president. McKillop is best known for his work on Pawn Shop Stars, The deadliest catchand American collectors — though he hopes Outlaw TV can be the pinnacle of his career.

Jesse James

Originally based in California, James rose to fame in the early 2000s with his chopper business, West Coast Choppers where he has built incredible machines over the years. Selected as host ‘Monster Garage” on the Discovery Channel, his life has been nothing but busy since then.

What many fans didn’t know about Jesse James is that after the show ended in 2006, Jesse was preoccupied with controversies surrounding his business and even endured a tumultuous marriage to Sandra Bullock. In 2010, he moved to Austin, Texas, where he currently lives and indulges his creative side and entrepreneurial spirit. Jesse still owns West Coast Choppers, in addition to several other businesses.

Paul Teutul Sr

The booming voice of Orange County Choppers is one of the most recognizable faces (and mustaches) in the business, thanks to the huge success of ‘American helicopters‘. If you’re wondering what happened to Paul Teutulo Sr., it hasn’t been a smooth ride for the icon as she filed for bankruptcy in 2018.

Although since then Orange Country Choppers moved to FloridaThings seem to be looking up for Paul Sr. they improve. Paul sticks to his passion and still runs everything Orange Country Choppers is still in business and thriving.

Billy Lane

He rose to fame by appearing on ‘Biker build,” another biker-centric show on the Discovery Channel, Lane is once again trying to show off his impressive skills. Based in Florida, custom cleaver forging is his bread and butter.


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Fans have access to the hidden trailer: Here’s how

By now you’re probably dying to see what to expect from Outlaw TV. Luckily, Jesse James has us covered on his website where you can sign up view of Outlaw TV. You will be asked to provide your name and email address in exchange for updates about an exciting new streaming service.

Once posted, access to the trailer shows us a few minutes of the guys explaining why they decided to make Outlaw TV, while offering glimpses of the kind of content we can expect.

The one thing that shines through clearly in the trailer is how excited the trio are about making this venture of theirs a reality. In the trailer, the guys say ‘you don’t get many second chances’ and show how Outlaw TV sees them as a second chance to produce exactly what they want for their fans.

Jesse James On The Show’s Premise: Creating Awesome Machines

In the trailer, Jesse James mentions how the real heart of the show must be the work. Finally, these people have access to all the knowledge and tools they need to realize their visions without having to outsource complex and specialized jobs. This means members can watch them overcome all and any obstacles themselves, using only their hands and collective knowledge to create truly amazing machines.

The trailer also shows off classic cars like a custom Chevrolet from the 1940s, along with a number of unique choppers and bikes. This gives us hope that in addition to the more traditional choppers that the trio is used to, there will also be a fair amount of automotive content.

All crew members have extensive experience in show business and building vehicles such as shows American helicopters building some amazing custom bikes over the years. So if it’s still going to be the main source of content, then we really have a lot to look forward to.

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