Microsoft Surface Pro 10 and Laptop 6 take a giant leap

The latest Microsoft Surface Laptop models have barely been updated. The American company mainly focused on changing the generation of processors signed by Intel and on some minor “news”. However, that is about to change.

According to a report from Windows Central, Microsoft is gearing up for the biggest Surface overhaul in years. Attention, news will not be present only on the hardware level, but also on the software field.

The media mentioned above mention that they will be the first laptops to benefit Microsoft Surface Pro 10 y Surface Laptop 6who will see the light within 2024. Both it will include Qualcomm’s Snapdragonalthough variants with Intel processors will continue to be offered.

So it looks like Microsoft will follow a very similar strategy to Apple. When Cupertino introduced the first ARM chips for Macs, it kept some Intel laptops on sale. Eventually, these processors disappeared from the catalog in favor of Apple Silicon. The idea is clear that the change was not so sudden.

Windows Central notes that the new Microsoft Surfaces are known internally by the code name “CADMUS PCs.” They are not only ready to accept the new processor architecture, but also take advantage of the new generation of Windowswhich would be fully compatible with ARM.

Like the MacBook Pro with Apple Silicon chips, the new Microsoft Surface Pro 10 and the Surface Laptop 6 They will boast great autonomy, performance and safety. Notebooks will also debut a New design.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 5

Microsoft Surface Pro 10 will have more rounded corners. The screen will have HDR and will include an anti-reflective layer. Interestingly, the prototype in the testing phase has a resolution of 2160 x 1440 pixels, which is lower than the 2880 x 1920 found in current models. However, the above would not mean that we will see a downgradebut another entry option.

Likewise, the presence of a Improved webcam and NFC reader. It should aim to satisfy the needs of companies and businesses.

The Microsoft Surface Laptop 6 will not be left behind. First, it would integrate a screen whose bezels will be noticeably thinner than those of the current generation. Following his older brother, he shows more rounded corners and offers multiple ports. Specifically, two USB-C, one USB-C and the usual charging connector.

It will be available again in two sizesalthough the screen of the smallest ones makes a small jump from 13.5 to 13.8 inches. Now, the above does not mean that the dimensions of the laptop will increase, as this will be compensated by the reduction of the bezels. The second model will continue 15″.

The new Microsoft Surface gets on the AI ‚Äč‚Äčtrain

At a time when Microsoft is betting everything on artificial intelligence, it was impossible for the Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6 not to make use of it in some way.

The report ensures that the Surface Pro 10 Type Cover, as the keyboard/cover is known, will offer a button to activate Copilot, Microsoft’s chatbot. The Surface Laptop 6 does the same by incorporating a dedicated button on the keyboard.

This is expected to be just one of the many AI-related features in the next Microsoft Surface, as “Windows 12” will also place special emphasis on said technology.

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