The Story Behind the 1963 Chevrolet Impala Z11 Package

Key things

  • The 1963 Chevrolet Impala with the Z11 package is a rare and valuable muscle car artifact with a limited number of examples still in existence.
  • The Impala Z11 has had a fascinating history, changing ownership several times and going through various modifications and repaints.
  • The Impala Z11 replica pays homage to the iconic New York Shaker example, featuring authentic Z11 factory parts and distinctive aluminum body panels.



Chevrolet has made some great performance cars, but one that doesn’t get talked about much is the 1963. Chevrolet Impala with the Z11 package. It is a mysterious package that was rare back in the 1960s, which automotive YouTuber Hot Rod Hoarder he explains to us in a recent video. It is said that only about 50 examples of this Chevrolet Impala ever left the bowtie factory. In 2023, only a handful exist.

They are rare and valuable racer artifacts in modern times. The YouTuber can take a closer look at the Impala Z11, which is a faithful recovery of an iconic example, Wally Bell’s New York Shaker and briefly served as Hubert Platt’s Georgia Shaker.

The original New York Shaker was the most traveled of all Impala Z11s, traveling from state to state before ending up in an Iowa junkyard in the 1970s. This video goes into the history of the Impala Z11 and we take a good look at this incredible piece of fun.

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This Impala Z11 was a well-traveled example

1963 Chevrolet Impala Z11 Engine Specifications


Chevrolet/General Motors


Naturally aspirated V8

Production years



7.0 liters

Power supply

430 horses


575 lb-ft



Notable applications

1966-1969 Chevrolet Corvette

(Comes from Hemmings, Road and track)

According to Hot Rod Hoarder in the 1960s this particular Impala Z11 began life in Goldsboro, North Carolina. It was first sold in January 1963 under John Hollingsworth and had the name “Big John II” on the front panel.

The YouTuber explains that the owner was James Cook and that the Impala had a special scoop on the hood, but other information about the muscle car during this time is patchy. That’s because Cook only had the car for a few months before it became a Georgia Shaker with Platt behind the wheel.

Platt later switched to Ford, so the car went to Alan Hider, the man behind the ownership at the time. The lettering changed in the pictures from when it was in North Carolina to when the car went to Georgia.

Flags appear on the doors, and the Impala received a few custom bits, such as the long tie rods that led to the front of the car. The car toured the American Southeast and Platt collected various trophies and victories while driving the Impala.

Chevrolet then switched to Wally Bell and the pictures show how different the vehicle looked and there was some major damage. Bell made some cosmetic changes to the car, but kept the crossed flags on the doors and Monaco Blue paint, as well as the hood scoop.

For the most part, it still looked that way 1963 Chevrolet Impala Z11 who had left the factory earlier that year. Following Bell’s ownership of about two years, the racer put it up for sale and passed to Jack Schaeffer in Pennsylvania.


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The Impala Z11 had a non-racing period

Notable points in the life of this Impala Z11

  • The first race of this Impala Z11 in New York as a New York Shaker
  • Impala Z11 crashes in Ohio
  • The car received a hood and other modifications over the years
  • She disappeared in the 1970s at a scrap yard in Iowa

As far as the Hot Rod Hoarder is concerned, Schaeffer did not race the Impala. He traded it in for another example and passed the car on to Larry Mower and Gerald Reader when the car was repainted red. The Impala also got the “Branded” name, though the YouTuber says there are very few images of the car in that guise. There are even fewer pictures of the car in its later configuration when it was then sold to Harry Huntzberry in Maryland. The car was also repainted white and named “So Rare”.

Huntzberry raced him for a while before catching up with another drag racer in Ohio where he crashed. This caused the roof to have to be replaced and here it is very few pictures of the Impala Z11 from around that time. All the youtuber can show us are blurry pictures of him sitting in a barn, with no wheels, front end damage, and looking a far cry from the drag racer he’s been for the past 10-20 years. You can just make out the Monaco blue that was showing through with the other color.

At this point the car was in rough shape and his drag racing days were over. This is where the story ends for the car. As Hot Rod Hoarder says, a family conflict has unfortunately resulted in the former New York Shaker being scrapped.

It was sadly crushed in a junkyard in Iowa, leaving no trace of it. At the time of its demise, the car lived in North Carolina, Georgia, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio and finally Iowa. The YouTuber says that after making it to Iowa, he was never seen again and disappeared into obscurity before his demise.


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The Impala Z11 replica pays homage to The New York Shaker

1963 Chevrolet Impala Z11 Recreation Front Quarter View
via the Hot Rod Hoarder YouTube channel

The Impala Z11 replica pays homage to the car in its New York Shaker guise and is a faithful recreation of Dennis Jackson. It’s not a real Z11 from the factory, but factory Z11 parts have been added to complete the look. Hot Rod Hoarder says the Z11’s telltale signs are the aluminum body panels, fenders, hood and filler panel, as well as the aluminum front and rear bumpers. The cars were also ordered without a front sway bar, as well as a special 427 ci V8 engine. It was a derivative of the 409 ci engine. A 3.650-inch crankshaft stroke increased displacement.


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Air Scoops helped identify the Impala Z11

1963 Chevrolet Impala Z11 Recreation Rear view
via the Hot Rod Hoarder YouTube channel

Air scoops were added on many Z11s, which meant many special air filters specifically designed for the Z11. they probably ended up in scrap yards. The YouTuber says the factory rating had the cars at 430 horsepower, but that was back when manufacturers were pretty conservative in their estimates.

The reality is that the Impala Z11 could produce 500 horsepower and over 500 horsepower with a few modifications and tuning, a practice called blueprinting. 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 it provided stopping power for the Z11 and the total is a safe bet around 50 when closed. Only a handful exist in 2023, and this replica is as close as possible to the original New York Shaker. It feels like a great tribute to the very special Z11 and the model as a whole.

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