Watch the first clip from the third series of ‘What if…?’

Surprise. Although season 2 What would happen if…? It just opened Marvel shared a clip from season three. Even more surprising, they mention at the end that more episodes will be available “soon”, although they don’t give a date.

It’s a bit of a strange strategy on Marvel’s part to be honest. It is not at all common that a few days after the debut of a new production, he shares a preview of its sequel. Mainly because There are many people who still don’t have a chance to see the second season What would happen if…?. Something more coherent is that the clip was part of the post-credits scene, but it is not.

Period, let’s talk about what the first clip of Season 3 is What would happen if…?. The sequence is largely performed using Bucky Barnes and Alexei Shostakovalso known as The Winter Soldier and the Red Ranger, respectively Both characters had their moment already in the second volume and it seems that they will be crucial in the following chapters.

YouTube video


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