Why This 1966 Plymouth Fury III Junkyard Find Shows Promise

Key things

  • A YouTuber finds a surprisingly solid 1966 Plymouth Fury III at a junkyard, with minimal rot and a good interior.
  • The biggest advantage of this find is the complete engine compartment, which makes it a scrapyard with potential for restoration.
  • Despite its condition, the Fury III is likely to be scrapped soon, but its salvageable parts may be used for other Plymouths.



Junkyards can sometimes throw up a few surprises and produce cars with a lot of life left in them. YouTuber Classic Ride Societywho specializes in junkyards and classic cars, came across the 1966 Plymouth Fury III, which surprised him with how solid it was. He came across a muscle car with a straight body, very minimal rot and a good interior.

The biggest bonus of this junkyard was that the Fury comes with a complete engine bay. That makes it a junkyard with a lot of potential, although the video suggests that this Plymouth doesn’t have much longer.

The description on YouTube suggests that he may soon meet the crusher and that his best bet is to donate his spare parts to various other Plymouths. However, the YouTuber shows us that we can also find it in junkyards muscle cars with lots of life and great renewal potential. This is a Fury who doesn’t deserve to meet the crusher.


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The condition of this 1966 Fury III surprised a YouTuber

1966 Plymouth Fury III engine specifications



Production years



Naturally aspirated V8


5.2 liters

Power supply

230 HP


340 lb-ft



Notable applications

1970–1976 Plymouth Duster

(Comes from Catalog of cars)

On close inspection of the Fury, the YouTuber was very surprised at how solid it still is. It was last registered on the road in 2016, so it hasn’t been sitting there very long. The video shows some close-ups of the bodywork revealing damaged taillights, some rot on the rear panel and missing tailgate lettering. However, at the front we can see that the front fenders are in good condition and the hood is fine.

The YouTuber then opens up the Fury for us so we can have a good look inside. The door panels are intact with the material still in place, but the dashboard has suffered a lot. The glovebox is badly cracked and a lot of the dash material is peeling and sticking out.

At least all the gauges are still on the dash, as are the front benches. Incredibly, the radio is one component that remains intact. The rear of the interior fared a bit better, and the boxes for parts like wires indicate that this car had some work done before it ended up in the yard.


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The Fury III still has an engine under the hood

How well this 1966 Fury III has survived

  • The Fury III still has its 318 ci V8 under the hood
  • The body escaped rot except for a small section at the rear
  • Inside the Fury III, the interior is preserved but in worse condition
  • Sounds like this Plymouth muscle car is about to get crushed

Classic Ride Society looks under the hood of the muscle car and we see that the complete engine is still here. It looks like a 318 ci Chrysler V8 engineand most are in good condition including the radiator. The YouTuber gives us a look at the wiring that is present and the fender label is still visible. There is still oil in the engine and the video speculates that the muscle car would probably still be running.


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This fury will likely meet its end with the crusher

1966 Plymouth Fury III junkyard rear quarter
via the Classic Ride Society YouTube channel

While the condition of this Fury III is still good, unfortunately it doesn’t sound like any salvation is in the offing. The YouTuber himself is not going to buy and restore the car and it looks like he will sadly end his days sitting in this junkyard. But the condition should ensure that parts from it find use on other Plymouth Furyswhich would at least give life to some of this car.

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