Experiment and explore with Fedora Linux on Mac with UTM

Run Linux on Mac with UTM

Running Linux on a Mac can be a pain, but not with virtualization. With UTM, you can run Linux in a virtual machine on MacOS that is completely contained within the application. This allows you to explore and experiment with Linux without having to go through any complicated installation process or setup, just download a pre-configured virtual machine and run it with UTM. It’s as easy as it gets.

If you want to experiment with running Linux on a Mac, but don’t want the significant commitment that comes with it running Fedora Linux on an Apple Silicon Mac which will format your Mac to remove macOS and install Linux instead, then UTM and VM are good alternatives.

How to Instantly Run Fedora Linux on Mac with UTM

  1. Download UTM for Mac if you haven’t already, it’s free Github or GetUTM
  2. Install UTM by placing it in the /Applications folder
  3. Next, go to UTM gallery to download Fedora here as a preconfigured virtual machine
  4. Open the Fedora.utm file found in the Downloads folder and it will boot into UTM
  5. Select the Fedora virtual machine and click the Play button to start the virtual machine
  6. How to start a VMHow to start a VM

  7. Login with “Fedora” and password is “fedora” without quotes
  8. Enjoy gaming with a Linux virtual machine, it’s separate from the rest of MacOS, so you can’t really break anything on your Mac by gaming on Linux, so have fun
  9. Run Linux on Mac with UTMRun Linux on Mac with UTM

Fedora Linux is a popular Linux distribution, so you will be able to experiment with an operating system that is widely used among Linux users.

Running Fedora Linux on UTMRunning Fedora Linux on UTM

You can pause and stop UTM virtualization sessions and return to them at any time, making it easy to explore and learn about new operating systems such as Linux.

Fedora Linux on Mac with UTMFedora Linux on Mac with UTM

There are many other operating systems that you can run virtualized with UTM, including running Windows 11 on Mac in UTM, and even macOS Sonoma beta (or final version) in UTM.

You use virtual machines and UTM? What do you think about using Linux on a Mac with a virtualized environment?