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Las feel good movies It’s a genre born out of chance: feel-good movies. They have no defined themes, codes, or arguments. They can be comedies, bittersweet dramas, with children’s themes and characters, original works or box office blockbusters. What they agree on is the central point. All of them lift our spirits almost immediately. Whether for his songs, jokes, landscapes, characters or all of the above. The truth is that they are films that have an unusual quality that makes you smile even in difficult moments.

Something that fits in with the Christmas season. Even when it is time for family gatherings and celebrations, he sometimes remembers the absence. Which makes them bittersweet and even more bitter days that are overcome with all the tools at hand. Cinema is undoubtedly one of them. And especially when the platforms include in their catalog a good number of feature films, intended for consoles and comfort. From laugh-out-loud stories to others that become shows with encouraging messages. Each of them is part of a wide repertoire of a type of cinema whose only goal – or the most urgent – is happiness.

We leave you with five recommendations feel good movies which you can see right now. From the arrival of a cute literary character to the cinema to the funniest musical. The selection covers the best of a genre that was created by accident only to eventually become one of the current favourites. An experience that shows that cinema and its stories will always be a form of consolation.

Paddington (Movistar+)

Amaste Wonka, it is very likely that this adorable film from its director will also be among your favorites. Based on character Paddington from British writer Michael Bond, the film tells the story of how the title character ends up in England. It ends up destroyed after the Peruvian jungle he lived in. A hectic journey takes him to British soil and then to a new life with a loving family.

But in the midst of his discoveries, he will also have to face a creepy taxidermist. An eccentric villain who is also willing to do anything to succeed. Millicent (Nicole Kidman) has some plans for the little bear, and none of them are good. Which forces Paddington to flee and use his undeniable resourcefulness.

With a visual section that makes Paddington a wonderful cinematic recovery of his literary version, the film is full of tenderness. Much more so when the script is able to maintain dramatic moments with other humorous ones with great skill. In its grand finale, this feel-good film remembers the obvious: Paddington is a champion of good intentions. Wherever needed.

Little Miss Sunshine (Disney+)

They call it feel good for perfection and there is no shortage of reasons. It is one of the sweetest portraits of grief, redemption and hope. The story seems to cover all the records. The Hoover Familyhave a hard time Richard (Greg Kinnear) just got fired, so the situation with his wife Sheryl (Toni Collette) is getting more tense.

Much more because his son Dwayne (a very young Paul Dano) is going through a crisis that has left him speechless and devastated. Grandfather on the other hand Edwin (Alan Arkin) has serious health problems, the same as him uncle frank (Steve Carell). The other is heartbroken and on the verge of tragedy.

So traveling together doesn’t seem like the best idea of ​​all. However, they will do this when the little daughter, Olive (Abigail Breslin), insist on entering a children’s beauty pageant. But what starts as a typical argument road tripbecomes an emotional and moving journey. Little by little, the Hoovers discover that hope and love persist in the midst of domestic chaos. At the same time, the possibility of mutual forgiveness. Which will be more evident in the last and painful scene.

Trapped in Time (Movistar+)

Groundhog Day (1993) Directed by Harold Ramis Featuring: Bill Murray (as Phil Connors)

No one disputes this: film by Harold Ramis is a classic you can watch more than once. But more than that, it is also a journey through a kind of existential questions which often seem too deep for purely entertainment films.

However, here they have the answer, or at least it is hinted at. So this Christmas classic has become a romantic comedy, which is typical again feel good movie, is captivating from the start. Especially when its premise prompts the inevitable reflection: What if someone had no choice but to live the same day over and over again?

The man is Phil Connor (Bill Murray). It appears in the middle and loop a temporary one in which he is condemned to live a boring day on countless occasions. Something that not only allows you to reevaluate your life in many – endless – variations, but also your priorities and even the meaning of love. Before time starts moving in the right direction, Phil will be a new man. But the lesson is much deeper. Undoubtedly, every day can be the best of our existence.

The Grand Budapest Hotel (Disney+)

Wes Anderson at a specialist in feel good movies. But it’s in this Oscar-nominated film that his version of kindness is put to the test. The plot, written by its director, is a story about an unusual hotel with a secret.

Also a story of love, another of devotion and, among other things, an exploration of how an old and elegant hotel works. This with one goal: to analyze good and evil from several different perspectives and points of view.

A funny, kind and sometimes slightly dark journey into human behavior is ultimately a hidden morality between the pastel tones and symmetrical shots. We are all good and evil beings, according to the occasion we have to live. But the purpose is ultimately the same. Searching for love and innocent happiness. A special message in the middle of the film with some scenes that uplift everyday existence, in a cheerful environment.

School of Rock (SkyShowtime)

Jack Black performed this year in Super Mario Bros, who, in addition to being a great actor — and vocal talent — is also a great singer. Song Peaches It became a viral and unexpected success on the music charts. But for those who follow his career closely, this is nothing new.

Already in 2004 and under the direction of Richard Linklater, the performer tested his undoubted skills as an artist on stage. School of Rockwhich tells a story and An unemployed musician who ends up as a school teacher, he showed all the artistic qualities of the charismatic Black.

But the film is also a good-hearted delight and exciting moments. What began as a desperate man’s adventure in a school classroom ends in a collective experience with music at its center. A great celebration of good intentions, perfect for instant encouragement.

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