Motorcyclists dodge the death of a convertible on a curve in the middle of the road

The Brazilian driver’s failure to look behind him caused the motorcyclist to crash into the side of the car


according to Brad Anderson

2 hours ago

The motorcyclist and their passenger were lucky narrowly escaping a harrowing crash when the driver of a (makeshift?) cabriolet in front of them cut sharply while trying to turn

As usual with unusual incidents, video of the crash was shared on Reddit. After searching for a while, it appears that the crash happened near the city of Porto Alegre in Brazil, right in front of the CS Sul Veiculos car show. While the reason why someone was filming the car at the time remains a mystery, it serves as a poignant reminder of the critical importance of staying alert while driving and keeping a constant lookout for motorcyclists.

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Reddit video

The short clip shows the driver of an old convertible initially slowing down in the middle of the road before suddenly turning left and attempting to overturn the median strip. Not only does this maneuver appear illegal, but the driver appears to have completely neglected to check his mirrors for oncoming traffic.

When the car starts to turn, motorcyclist appears and slams into the side of the car. The force of the impact throws the cyclist into the back seat of the car, while their passenger flies over the car and hits the pavement. Fortunately, both bikers were wearing helmets and appear to have escaped major injury.

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